flow meters gas and liquid
rotameters - liquid and gas
temperature sensors and infrared
custom control panels flow
level sensor

SRB Controls offers a wide range of Level Sensors for your applications.

  • Non-Contact Level Sensors and Transmitters
  • Level Switches, non contact and point contact
  • Pump Level Control
  • Open Channel Weir and Flume Level Transmitters and Sensors
  • Silo Level Sensors
  • Smart Echo Tracking Software for Ultrasonic, Radar and Microwave

SRB Controls offers everything you need in temperature measurement.

  • Infrared Temperature Sensors
  • Non-contact Pyrometer Temperature Transmitters
  • Temperature Indicators, Controllers and Recorders
  • Thermo Wells
  • RTD Temperature sensors
  • Thermocouple ( T/C ) Temperature sensors
Engineering Projects and Service

SRB Controls offers a wide range of Engineering Products and Services.

  • Site Inspection
  • Project Estimates
  • Loop Drawings
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Custom Panel Assembly
  • Programming/Configuration
  • Commissioning
  • Service Support