Instrumentation Solutions

Advanced metering products, Industrial instrumentation solutions.

Learn how we combine SRB’s expertise with metering and industrial instrumentation to empower smarter operations.

What we do

All SRB instrumentation services gives customers what they need: accurate measurements; consistent, reliable performance; attention to detail. SRB has provided superior intelligent solutions to help customers accomplish their business goals for over 35 years. 


When you need precision solutions and concepts to optimize the  efficiency of your production and assets, we have a full range of suitable advanced services.


We have a complete portfolio of industrial technology products for customers in utilities, industry and infrastructure.


SRB Controls provides control and remote monitoring for clients in many industries and sectors



Flow Meters

We provide flow meters for almost every flow application. We sell, support and service an extensive variety of liquid, steam, and gas flow meters. 


Our rotameters are available in many materials, from acrylic, to glass, to stainless and other exotic metals. We also offer alarm switches and a 4-20 ma output.

Sample of Temperature sensors

Temperature and Infrared Sensors

We supply temperature sensors that can be inserted in or on pipes and tanks. We have a line of Infrared pyrometers that are superior to any other make.

BTU Energy Metering

We have BTU energy meters for all pipe sizes. We supply small inline BTU energy meters for apartments and condos as well BTU energy meters that are strapped to the outside of 48-inch pipes.

Level Sensors

We provides many types of level switches and transmitters. We have float, ultrasonic and radar level sensors.

Two people discussing on site solutions

Custom Solutions


Years of experience and a strong desire to be a top instrumentation and controls company, has resulted in a wide range of unique solutions for our customers.

Custom Solutions


Years of experience and a strong desire to be a top instrumentation and controls company, has resulted in a wide range of unique solutions for our customers.

From our Clients

Read how our customers stay successful with solutions and services from our team.

“SRB has always provided products to us reliably and timely and Blair was always there to provide expertise about the correct products we required and solutions we needed.”

John Wright

VP QPSP Distribution, Enwave Energy Corp

“I have worked with SRB Controls for over 15 years, through previous roles at various companies and was very pleased to continue the relationship when I started this position, SRB brings a high-level of expertise to all of my controls and metering requirements. They deliver a complete package in terms of knowledge of applications, tailored solutions, access to high quality/reliable products the we require for our projects and the right team for installation and service of the products.”

Stephen Condie

Chief Technology Officer & Head of Operations, Noventa Energy Partners

“SRB Controls offers great service , knowledge of multiple applications and extensive experience. We chose to work with SRB because we wanted better control of our mixture and flow measurement.”

Ed Lassaline

Manager of Welding and Metallurgy, Samuel Associated Tube Group

“I’ve worked with Blair and SRB Controls on many projects over the years. We have developed a great confidence in both Blair and SRB as a result of their often proven depth of product knowledge, specific product application expertise and their overall professionalism as we have partnered with them to continuously improve reliability and productivity at our company”

Bill Marr

Senior Staff Specialist - Instrumentation, Stelco – Hamilton Works