Gas Flow Meter with flow conditioner

Mass flow reading. Corrects for changes in press. and temp.
Accuracy, 0.5% of reading on a wide selection of gases
Thermal flow measurement with 316 SS wetted parts
Flow conditioner to greatly reduce straight pipe requirements.
Insertion meter with Hot Tap retractor
High Temperature models, up to 400 deg. C
4 – 20 ma flow and gas temperature outputs.
Qmix software for different gas mixtures
Life-Time warranty on sensors

Common Models
QuadraTherm 640i – Insertion with Hot Tap adapter
QuadraTherm 780i – World’s most accurate thermal meter
SteelMass 640S – Insertion with high temperature option
SteelMass 780S – In-line with flow conditioning plates
InnovaMas 241 – Insertion model with all the features
OptiSwirl 2100 – Low cost for basic applications
OptiSwirl 4200 – Perfect for Utility and Energy applications

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