Innova-Sonic Model 205 Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Innova-Sonic® Model 205 ultrasonic liquid flow meter is a state-of-the-art universal transit time ultrasonic liquid flow meter incorporating the latest developments in digital signal processing. Sophisticated ultrasonic sensor technology coupled with powerful transducers deliver highly accurate flow measurements for liquids in full pipes. While principally designed for measuring clean liquid applications, the device is tolerant of liquids with a small quantity of air bubbles or suspended solids common in most industrial applications.

Unique Product Freatures

  • Measuring accuracy +/-0.5% of reading
  • Wide operating temperature range -40F to +340F (-40C to 170C)
  • Modbus RTU Protocol through RS232 & RS485 Communication Ports
  • One meter for a wide range of pipe sizes 1-200” (25mm-5000mm)
  • Clamp-on sensors mean no pipe cutting or process interruption
  • Low power consumption using either 120Vac or 24Vdc Input Power
  • Wide bi-directional Flow range of 0 to 40 fps (0 to 12 mps)
  • Measure daily, monthly and yearly totalized flow
  • Internally configured batch controller makes batch control convenient
  • Optional Insertion Transducers (suitable for pipes 2” or greater)