Non-Contact Radar Level Sensors


The ABM radar probe adjusts the microwave sensitivity, pulse amplitude and its width to the main target. This revolutionary approach allows the level transmitter to analyze the shapes of the received echoes and eliminates the ones coming from tanks’ walls, standpipes and other obstructions to give the true level.

Built in communication for a PC allows sophisticated diagnostics and storage of the current output and temperature in a data logger. A user can also see on the computer screen the echo profiles and echo stability chart. The microwave probes can be connected in a network using RS485 with ABM’s protocol and Modbus RTU

Typical Applications:

  • Liquids with Foam
  • Liquids with Gases (CO2, Methane) and other fumes
  • Highly corrosive liquids, such as acids and solvents
  • High Temperature liquids, up to 350 deg F, ex. Asphalt
  • Vacuumed applications
  • Rapid temperature changes
  • High acoustical noise
  • No low flow dielectric foam influence
  • Diesel crude oil
  • Motion detector, fast moving object
  • Metal pipes, any diameter
  • Solid materials and powder with heavy dust
  • Sanitary applications
  • Outdoor level measurement, ex: Rivers, Lakes, Seas
  • Anti-Collision systems
  • Oil-Water interface monitoring and detection
  • Open Channel flow measurement, for liquids with foam, and outdoor applications
  • Fuel efficiency systems for ships

Unique Product Features:

  • Advanced “Smart” pulse radar probes
  • Temperature Ranges: -40 to 350 deg F
  • Level Ranges: Min.1 ft to Max: 240 ft
  • Simple two-button calibration
  • Frequency Range: 6.3 GHz – 26 GHz