Steel-Mass Model 640S Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter


Accurate and repeatable, this is a rugged and reliable mass flow measurement workhorse in heavy industrial applications.  Product accuracy is + 1% of reading and + 0.5% of full scale, and the flow range is up to 20,000 SFPM (air) with standard accuracy.  It inserts easily into ducts and pipes to monitor total gas mass flow.  Ability to be setup to give a Volumetric Flow Rate or Mass Flow Rate.

Customize Your Steel-Mass Air Flow Meter:

The Sierra Model 640S Mass flowmeter can be customized for your air velocity and intake applications with:

  • Larger probe lengths
  • High temperature option (750 degrees F)
  • Self-cleaning purge option for dirty flow environments.
  • Wide range of process connections (including hot tap).
  • Multipoint flow averaging arrays (Sierra Model 670S) for very large ducts, complete with a self-contained human-machine interface (HMI) panel for touch-screen field programming and system operation

Unique Product Features:

  • 316SS construction for Insertion Probe, 3/4” in diameter
  • Range of process connections (including hot tap)
  • Field Validation and Configuration
  • Standard 24 Vdc Transmitter, with optional 120Vac Power
  • Removable insertion probe for recalibration and service
  • Patented Dry-Sense technology eliminates sensor drift
  • FM, CSA, PED, ATEX, and GOST R/RTN certified for hazardous areas
  • CRN Numbers for Ontario and across Canada
  • Optional Conditioning Elements, greatly reducing straight run requirements