Regardless of the industrial application the proper instrument is required. Whether it is measurement or to control precision processes. Our Industrial instruments accurately measure in any situation. See our wide range of instrumentation for control, measurement system components and data managers

Our products in the field are used by quality engineers, calibration technicians to instill confidence in the measurements that are critical to their organizations for quality, safety, reliability, and cost.

Liquid Flow Meters and Switches

SRB Controls have flow meters that will measure most if not all liquids. Contact us and we will help you select the flow meter that best works for you.

Gas Flow Meters and Switches

SRB Controls can provide you with many types of gas flow meters. Our flow meters are designed to measure a wide range of gases in all types of environments.

Steam Flow Meters

SRB Controls has simple steam flow meters as well as highly accurate flow meters with pressure and temperature compensation.

Temperature - Infrared and RTD

SRB Controls sells temperature sensors, thermowells and transmitters. Our speciality is Infrared temperature pyrometers. Take advantage of our 30 years of working with Infrared pyrometers to pick a sensor that will work best for you.

BTU Metering

SRB Controls has BTU energy meters for all pipe sizes. We supply small inline BTU energy meters for apartments and condos as well BTU energy meters that are strapped to the outside of 48-inch pipes.

Level Sensors

SRB Controls sells a wide selection of level switches and transmitters. Our experience means we will give you a level sensor that will work on your application.


If you only need to have visual indication of your liquid or gas flow, nothing beats a Rotameter (also know as a Variable Area meter).