Gas Flow Meters and Switches

Gas Flow Meter with flow conditioner

Insertion and Inline Gas Flow Meters measure mass flow independent of the pressure and temperature.

Ngas and Air Flow Meter

Accurate Natural Gas Flow Meter with temperature and pressure compensation

Armoured VA Rotameters

Krohne VA meters work on gas and steam applications.

Gas Ultrasonic Flow meter with Custody Transfer

Krohne Ultrasonic flow meters come in many sizes.

Low Cost Rotameters for Gas

Panel Mount Rotameters with manual control valve.

Mass Flow Controllers

High Accuracy Mass Flow Controllers with Dial-A-Gas

Mass Flow Meter and Controllers

Ideal for Wet and Dirty Environments

Economical Gas Flow Meter

Mass Flow Meters for Labs and OEMs

Gas Mass Flow Meter with Valve

Great indicating flow mass flow meter for a wide range of gases

Air Flow Switch

Air Flow Switch – 24 Vdc powered

Explosion Proof Switch

Works on liquids and gases